The Schwarz Blink
This little knife is designed for every day carry and use. At only 6 inches in overall length, the compact size and extreme light weight help the Blink go unnoticed in your pocket, on your belt, in your backpack, or in your purse. Each individual design feature is thoughtfully implemented to increase the function and usefulness of the tool. The aesthetics are carefully balanced, but no extraneous features are added for appearance alone. The "no frill" look lends itself to the philosophy behind this knife, and is a tasteful style in itself. For those who want supreme function, but crave a bit more flavor in their carry knife, an entire range of eye catching colors are available. 

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Steel - AEB-L
AEB-L is a tried and true stainless steel which was originally developed for razor blades. The material is formulated with just enough carbon for the steel to get very hard but not make any chromium carbides. The extreme fine grain makes them easy to sharpen, have good edge holding and excellent edge stability.

Handle Material
The handle material is called G10 composite, and in my opinion, is the most practical handle material available. It is extremely versatile when it comes to textures and colors, it is waterproof, and will not crack. Some Blinks may feature alternative handle options, but in limited numbers. 

The scales are attached to the blade using 2 steel dowel pins for location and VHB adhesive for a permanent stick.

I am a one man shop and produce a very limited number of knives, for this reason they are not always readily available. To see what products might currently be up for sale please see the "Store" tab. Otherwise I strongly recomend following me on one of my social media accounts in order to be the first to see what's for sale. If you are not an avid social media user, please contact me through the "Contact" tab and ask to be added to the mailing list. Being on that list means I'll send out an email when knives become available. Don't worry, I don't have time to spam you, I'm busy building knives!