The Schwarz Charbonneau
The Charbonneau (Shar-bon-no), is a fixed blade knife designed to accompany any outdoorsman. Though the grip is heavily contoured, it is extremely versatile. The hilt can either rest between your index and middle finger while you choke up on the blade, or be used as a guard in front of your index finger. The reverse grip is also very comfortable, making the Charbonneau very practical in a tactical or self-defense application.€‹

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Heavy Duty Materials
 Steel - D2 Tool Steel
D2 Tool steel is a tried and true high carbon steel with an extreme ability to withstand abuse. These knives are professionally hardened in an industrial grade heat treat facility located here in Boise. The hardness achieved is 59 Rockwell C Test. Some Charbonneaus may feature alternative steel options, but in limited numbers. 

Handle Material
The handle material is called G10 composite, and in my opinion, is the most practical handle material available. It is extremely versatile when it comes to textures and colors, it is waterproof, and will not crack. Some Charbonneaus may feature alternative handle options, but in limited numbers. 

The scales are attached to the blade using 3 steel dowel pins for location and VHB adhesive for a permanent stick.

I am a one man shop and produce a very limited number of knives, for this reason they are not always readily available. To see what products might currently be up for sale please see the "Store" tab. Otherwise please reach me through the "Contact" tab of this site to custom order a Charbonneau. My books are currently open, which isn't always the case. Thank you for looking!